When justiceprevails,the aggressive “I”:我(with spearin hand手)becomes subduced like a docile and gentle sheep().Hencejustifies itself as a symbol for right conduct.The regular form is now slashed to three strokes,transforming it into a simplified and perfectly balanced justice:


One Who Committed Many Injustices Is Doomed To Destruction

This anecdote is excerpted from the Zuo Zhuan.

The ruler of the State of Zheng(),Wu Sheng(寤生)succeeded to the throne in 743B.C..His mother did not like him,but dotted on her younger son Duan().She prevailed upon the ruler to give the major city of Jing()to Duan as his fief.After Duan obtained the city,he reinforced and heightened the city wall,and continuously expanded the area under his control.The ministers of Zheng warned the ruler that Duan was a threat to the stability of Zheng,and that he should take steps to eliminate him.But the ruler said,“He who committedmany injustices is doomed to destruction.”

Finally Duan gathered an army to attack the capital of Zheng. Wu Sheng said,“The time has come,”and mustered an army to attack Jing.The people of Jing immediately deserted Duan,who fled to the State of Wei().

Later,the express“One who committed many injustices is doomed to destruction”was used to warn wrongdoers of the fate in store for them.










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