The character for tiger is a pictograph.It is based on the radical(tiger skin)clarified by几(hind legs:. Characterised by its vicious ferocity,the tiger strikes fear even when dead.Hence the saying:“He who rides the tiger finds it difficult to dismount.”


Tyranny is Fiercer Than a Tiger

Confucius was once passing by Mount Tai(泰山),when he heard a woman,who was standing in front of a grave,wailing bitterly.He sent one of his disciples to enquire the reason.“By the sound of your lamentation”,he said,“you seem to be afflicted by some grievous sorrow.”

The woman replied,“Yes,a tiger killed and devoured my father-in-law,and then my husband suffered the same fate.Now my son has been gobbled up by another tiger.”

Hearing this, Confuciusasked her,“Then why don’t you leave this place?”The woman answered,“Because here there is no tyrannical rule.”Thereupon, Confucius turned to his disciples and said,“Keep this mind,young fellows:tyranny is fiercer than a tiger.”

Later,this saying came to be used to warn rulers not to act in a tyrannical fashion and to criticize governments which oppress their people.






“Analysis of Chinese Characters by bilingual”is opened for the convenience of Chinese and foreign friends who are interested in Chinese characters. We’ll push a Chinese character every Mondayanalyze its originand related culture. If there is any improprietywelcome to correct us.



Is there any relationship between“”and the origin of the universe?

Is “”the heaven andearth separated from “”?

”is the three most important thing? three kinds of light?even more than 3?


一二三四五,Great wisdom in simplicity.

六七八九十,Great inspiration in thinking.

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