is a pictograph of fire,produced by rubbing stones together.A terrifying force of nature,it brings both calamity and comfort to man.Like burning issues that often flare up in life,fire is easy to kindle,but difficult to handle,as the proverb warns:“You can’t use paper to wrap up fire.”


Like a Raging Fire

During the Spring and Autumn Period,Duke Fuchai of Wu led a huge army against the State of Jin.He ordered his men to form three square contingents.The middle one was dressed in white and holding white flags,which looked from a distance just like the flowers of a field full of reeds.The left unit was in red and holding red flags, which looked from afar like flaming fire all over the mountains.The right unit was in black and holding black flags, which looked from a distance like thick black clouds covering the sky. Fuchai was trying to present to the enemy a show of overwhelming force.

This trick really surprise,it forced the State of Jin abdication.At the Yellow pool Conference, the State of Wu became the leader of the states.But not long afterwards, the State of Wu was destroyed by the State of Yue, and Fuchai himself committed suicide.

This idiom describes a scene of great majesty and power.







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