Just as symbolises a one-leafed door,so represents a door with two leaves.Doors provide exits and entrances,but not all are convenient,as exemplified in the proverb: “The door of charity is hard to open,and hard to shut. ”To simplify matters,the regular door:has now been stripped,down to an open doorway:.


Building a Cart Behind Closed Doors

In ancient times,there was a man who wanted to make a fine chariot.But,instead of learning how to make one from experts,he shut himself up at home and worked on it alone.Despite the time and effort he spent on it,the chariot was useless.

This idiom is used metaphorically to mean being too subjective and disregarding the rest of the world. 





“Analysis of Chinese Characters by bilingual”is opened for the convenience of Chinese and foreign friends who are interested in Chinese characters. We’ll push a Chinese character every Mondayanalyze its originand related culture. If there is any improprietywelcome to correct us.





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